Mark Twain

Are we stuck with the beliefs and prejudices that we were indoctrinated with?

Mark Twain:

“I am aware that when even the brightest
mind in our world has been trained up
from childhood in a superstition of any
kind, it will never be possible for that mind,
in its maturity, to examine sincerely,
dispassionately, and conscientiously
any evidence or any circumstance
which shall seem to cast a doubt upon
the validity of that superstition.”

All of us have internalized values and beliefs that we did not choose and from which we cannot break free. Understanding that each of us is the unique result of a genetic setup and infinitely diverse life experiences allows for tolerance and compassion, instead of moralizing and judging.


4 thoughts on “Mark Twain

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    • Mark suggested that we look at ourselves and others from a perspective that we now know to be realistic. By regarding some attitudes and beliefs as the result of ‘brainwashing’ in early childhood—not under our control—instead of conscious ‘choices’, we can relieve ourselves from some guilt and be more accepting of others. In our day, discoveries from genetics and neuroscience research are uncovering the extent of our involuntary ‘programming’. It is significantly more than what most of us have believed—or want to believe. The new insights can be unsettling to our understanding of ourselves and of human nature. Brace yourself; the impact of this knowledge on all areas of human life is unavoidable.

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